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Deep in the Mendip Hills lies a treasure that predates even Arthurian legends. In fact it hails from the very beginnings of time. Unique in every way, it can proudly take its place amongst the world’s most exotic and treasured gems and natural wonders.

Yet it is hardly known outside specialists' circles that unearth such miracles of nature.

Its official description as Dulcote agate, belies its extraordinary beauty. The gems within have given it another name - Bristol diamond. Yet the most endearing and affectionate name it is known by is the Mendip Potato Stone.

The Mendip Potato Stone.

This stone has adorned every corner from courts of royalty, the wealthy to the poor alike. In 1688 it attracted the attention of two travellers, who from quartz within the nodules (or tatties) cut and set its gems into jewellery, and began a thriving business in Clifton, Bristol from that year. Today Mike Jackson, a passionate mineral and crystal expert has transformed these beautiful natural gems into exclusive, crafted gifts, some of which are shown here.

"It is such a pleasure and an honour to be able to show these unique and stunning natural beauties in carvings, spheres and gemstones" enthuses Mike. It looks likely that their place as jewellery settings is set to return later this year in his wonderful range of hand-made jewellery in hallmarked silver and gold.


Potato Stone Heart
The Crystal Man's Shop  
The Crystalman in Glastonbury

Tucked into a treasure-trove filled shop in the heart of Glastonbury, Mike Jackson has a display of some of the most beautiful examples of crystal, mineral, geodes and fossils from around the world. The Mendip Potato Stone carvings and worked stone truly sets this emporium of delight at the centre of a Mendip Miracle.
  Potato Stone Bears
Potato Stone Lizard  

The Crystal Man's time has come to shine and adorn the homes of all those that not only appreciate the finest quality in carvings and crystals, but who also would be proud to own a unique and exceptional part of local and global history.

Come and claim your part of this unique and ‘only-to-be-found-at-the- Crystalman’ piece of history before it disappears. If you miss this chance you will be sure to find some other gem that will leave with you!

The Crystalman 7 Northload Street Glastonbury Somerset BA 6 9NH Tel. 01458-833522 e-mail: